Receive unlimited XRP and receive up to 8% wallet rebate.
Our platform has teamed up with Binance and Trust Wallet to launch two activities: Daily Benefits and Wallet Rebate Plan. We welcome your participation.

Wallet Rebate Plan

Rules of participation:

1. The interest rate can be claimed once a day, and you will receive rebates based on the current USDT balance in your cryptocurrency wallet. So please make sure your wallet balance is at least greater than 10USDT to participate.

2. The larger the balance, the higher the interest rate claimed and the more you earn, up to 9%.

3. No need to top up to the platform.

4. The system's automatic review time is 08:00 pm US time every day. Note: When the wallet balance is insufficient during system review, the review will not pass.

Wallet Amount: 0USDT

Amount Available For Withdrawal:


Your Level: Level

Rebate Plan

Level USDT Daily Earning

10-1000 USDT

2% - 2.5%

1001-5000 USDT

2.5% - 3%

5001-20000 USDT

3% - 4%

20001-50000 USDT

4% - 6%

>50000 USDT

6% - 9%

Daily benefits

Share $2,000 in rewards every day. Each time you invite friends, you could even get extra rewards.

Number of claims:


Amount available for withdrawal:


Refer & Earn

Invite friends and you can get extra daily benefits rewards.

Earn 5% commission from your friend's wallet rebate plan.

Commission Amount: 0USDT

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